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NFC audio Labeler designed for visual impaired people

TalkTag is a low-cost NFC reader/writer designed for visually impaired persons (VIPs) to be used for audio reminders/identifying everyday objects. It allows VIPs to associate NFC stickers, which are cheap and can be stuck to many surfaces, with audio reminders set by the VIPs themselves. The reminder set will be played back when the device is simply placed in near proximity of the NFC sticker. This has a wide variety of applications including assisting in the identification of sensitive personal items, especially those with similar shapes, such as cards in a wallet, to everyday items including but not limited to books, CDs, and even medicine. This independent device is developed with feedback from VIPs and thus includes accessibility features designed specifically for VIPs, but it’s ease-of-use, low-cost and reliability may make it useful to other groups including the elderly who may be suffering from age-related memory loss.

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